Student Enrollment & Admissions

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Students are enrolled for a specific school year, a specific school level, and a specific grade level, and the school fees, determined by the school, vary accordingly. The YIS school year is subdivided into four terms, and school fees are paid either for the entire school year at the beginning of the school year, or in quarterly installments at the beginning of each term.

Based on complete, accurate and up-to-date signed Enrollment Forms, parents of YIS students agree to comply with the policies and regulations as stated in the Handbook for Parents and Students. Please see the procedures for First Enrollment of new students, for Annual Enrollment Renewal of YIS students who wish to continue in the next school year.



Admission criteria

Admission of students is at the sole discretion of the school. YIS reserves the right to refuse admission to any student for whom an appropriate educational program and support services are not currently available, or if the teaching program that is offered by the school does not match with the expectations of parents and/or students. YIS does not have special facilities to meet the needs of children who have serious learning, emotional or physical challenges. Parents of these children are advised that the school is only able to serve students who are able to function in a regular program with minimal outside support.

English Language learners

English is the main language of instruction for the delivery of education at YIS. Many YIS students speak a different mother tongue at home, and English is a second language that they only use at school. Even though YIS teachers apply a variety of teaching strategies to support these students, the school will admit children with a limited English language background only if their parents take responsibility for arranging extra English language lessons outside the school. For the younger students at early years and primary school levels this is usually adequate, but older students at junior and senior high school levels must make a more intensive endeavor to catch up so that they can follow the lessons in the different subject areas of their choice.