To secure admission of new students to YIS, timely application for enrollment is important.


Prior to first registration, parents are welcome to contact the YIS Front Office by phone or email if they have any questions about the school. Parents are also welcome to visit the YIS campus and meet the staff of the school, or arrange an appointment with the YIS Principal.

The enrollment procedure of new students comprises the following steps:

•  Complete the Enrollment Forms, which can be downloaded here and are also available at the YIS Front Office. Forms can be submitted via email to, or dropped off at the YIS Front Office, with the Registrar or Secretariat.

• To the Enrollment Forms, foreign parents and students must each attach color scans of their current passport and resident visa (KITAS). Indonesian parents and students must each attach color scans of National Identity Cards (KTP), as well as recent passport photographs. For all students, copies of birth certificates, school records and transcripts from previous schools, as well as relevant health records must be attached to the Enrollment Forms. Original transcripts will be solicited directly by YIS Administration.

• Upon submission of the completed Enrollment Forms and the attachments, pay a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of 250 USD.

• After the first three steps are complete, an admissions procedure will begin. This procedure takes into consideration the expectations of parents and/or students, and the international curriculum offered by YIS, with English as the language of instruction. The outcome is placement of the student at the appropriate grade level, or a recommendation for external tests, or internal observations during a limited trial period, or a conclusion that the school cannot fulfill the expectations of parents and/or students, who are therefore advised to find another school.

• Once the placement of the student has been confirmed between parents, students and school, parents are required to sign a standard agreement on terms and conditions that apply to the enrollment, including parents’ rights, obligations and limitations, and the timely payment of school fees.

• Upon placement, parents will receive a copy of the YIS Parents and Student Handbook. The YIS students will have the right to use a email account, and a YIS Student Identity Card.


YIS thrives on connection. Parents and prospective students are welcome to visit the YIS campus.