Scholars age 16 to 19

IB Diploma Programme


Preparing for success

The Diploma Programme is recognised by the world’s leading universities.


The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB-DP) offered at YIS gives students opportunities to explore rigorous subjects within a holistic framework that includes independent research, scientific fieldwork, creative projects and community service in action. Students are also invited to consider how we establish knowledge in various fields of study, through a unique course entitled Theory of Knowledge. 

One of the hallmarks of the DP here at YIS is our service learning program, in which students can network directly with internationally recognized aid organizations in order to participate in relief efforts.  

This type of hands-on experience provides students with a deeper understanding of how emergency response teams operate on both local and global levels.

In this way, YIS students are preparing to address the problems of an increasingly complex and interconnected society. Our graduates are future leaders.

The DP at YIS offers a range of opportunities for students to excel in academics, while also nurturing their passions and preparing them for bright futures. Should you have any questions regarding our Diploma Programme, do not hesitate to contact me or Elia Ekanindita (DP Coordinator).


Kimberly Kingry