Annual enrollment renewal

An Annual Enrollment Renewal form is required of all YIS students who wish to continue for the next academic year. 


Based on government regulations, all schools are required to keep accurate, complete and up-to-date records of all students who are enrolled in the school, and of their parents. These records are also required by insurance companies that cover liability, disaster and accident insurances. The school needs this up-to-date information in order to make realistic projections of the expected number students in each level and each grade, and of the corresponding need for teachers, resources and facilities, based on the annual renewal of student registration.

Before the Annual Enrollment Renewal form can be accepted and continued enrollment confirmed, parents must have settled all remaining school fees for the past school year. If parents fail to submit the Annual Enrollment Renewal form for their children before the start of the next school year, their children are no longer registered as students who are enrolled in YIS, and parents will need to follow the same procedures as new parents, including payment of a non-refundable registration fee, admission and placement procedures.

The continued enrollment procedure of students comprises the following steps:

  • Ensure that all outstanding school fees over previous periods have been paid, and complete the Annual Enrollment Renewal form, which can be down-loaded here and is also available at the YIS Front Office. Forms can be submitted via email to, or dropped off at the YIS Front Office, with the Registrar or Secretariat.

  • Foreign parents and students must each attach color scans of their current (or new) passport and resident visa (KITAS) to the Annual Enrollment Renewal form. Indonesian parents and students must each attach color scans of their National Identity Card (KTP), as well as recent passport photographs. For all students any relevant changes to health records must also be attached to the Annual Enrollment Renewal form (updated medications, conditions, allergies, etc.)

  • Pay a non-refundable deposit fee of 1000 USD that will be deducted from the first payment of school fees for the next period. Parents who do not pay the deposit before the start of the next school year must be aware that the placement of their children for the next school year may not be secured.

  • After the first three steps are complete, the re-admission procedure will start, taking into consideration the expectations of parents and/or students, and the international curriculum offered by YIS, which uses English as the language of instruction. The outcome is either placement of the student at the appropriate grade level, or a conclusion that the school cannot fulfill the expectations of parents and/or students, and are therefore advised to find another school.

  • Once the placement of the student has been confirmed between parents, student and school, parents are required to sign a standard agreement on terms and conditions that apply to the enrollment, including parents’ rights, obligations and limitations, as well as the timely payment of the school fees.


Committed to learning. Every year YIS is required to update important information on all students.