School Fees

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School fees are the main source of income for YIS. The YIS school fees comprise tuition fees that cover the basic education program offered by the YIS, and operational charges that cover the basic running costs, such as operation and maintenance of buildings, installations, and utilities, sports facilities, equipment, security and safety. Cost of school uniforms, exams, events, excursions, extra-curricular activities are charged separately.

The YIS school fees are established and periodically reviewed by the YPIY Board in consultation with YIS; the fees differ for each level of the school and are periodically reviewed.

The basic policy of the YPIY is to offer high-quality education at affordable costs, and at competitive school fees when compared to the other schools in Indonesia that offer an international curriculum based on the full IB program.

School fees shall be paid in advance. If parents pay the school fees for the entire year at the start of the school year, a 3% discount applies. If the same family enrolls at the same time more than two children, a discount will apply of 10% for the third child, 15% for the fourth child, and 20% for the fifth child.