About Yis

Yogyakarta’s flagship for international education

From its beginnings in early 1989, when YIS opened its doors with just 30 students and four teachers, the school has flourished into Yogyakarta’s flagship for international primary and secondary education based on international curriculums. Being an independent school, YIS accepts students irrespective of nationality, gender, race or faith, and we take pride in nurturing students who are compassionate global citizens.

Over the past 30 years students from YIS have gone on to be accepted into some of the world’s leading universities; they have become doctors and lawyers, designers, business owners, artists, leaders and critical thinkers. While YIS is proud of their achievements, we are equally proud of the curious, empathetic and confident young adults they become; individuals who are inspired to navigate their own independent journey through life.

one board, three functions

Conforming to the Law on Foundations of 2008, the YPIY Foundation is led by a Governing Board (Pembina) that appoints an Executive Board (Pengurus) and a Controlling Board (Pengawas); together referred to as The Board. Board members are not paid for the duties that they perform for the foundation or for the school.

one foundation, four schools

In 2008 a new Regulation No. 63 was issued by the Government of Indonesia, requiring all foundations in Indonesia to renew their registration with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. For this purpose, a new Notary Act was passed on 20 September 2013, and on 16 May 2014 the registration of the YPIY was renewed with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights as the legal umbrella for the Yogyakarta International School (YIS). On 28 November 2014, the Ministry of Education and Culture issued four separate licenses to the YPIY for: Early Years, Primary Education, Junior High School and Senior High School. Based on a Ministerial Instruction that all international schools in Indonesia had to omit the word “international” from their name, our school was renamed Yogyakarta Independent School (YIS).

historical roots

The Yogyakarta Foundation for International Education (Yayasan Pendidikan Internasional Yogyakarta, or YPIY) was established in Yogyakarta on 20 May 1989 through a Notary Act with the objective of launching and managing the Yogyakarta International School (YIS). The first Governing Board (Pembina) was led by Professor Koesnadi, rector of the Gadjah Mada University (UGM); the first Executive Board (Pengurus) comprised the four founding members: Brian Bedard, Tuti Lukman Soetrisno, Alan Cox and Malcolm Stark. On 24 August 1989 the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture issued a single license to the YPIY to launch and operate the Yogyakarta International School (YIS) conform Regulation No.184 of 23 August 1975 regarding international schools.