Yis campus


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27 September 2019


The first new school building on the new YIS campus was completed on 26 August 2019 to welcome our current Early Years and Primary School students (IB-PYP), and our Junior and Senior High School students (IB-MYP and IB-DP). Besides, the wooden ‘joglo’ that serves as the school canteen was moved from the old to the new campus. 

A second school building is being constructed with space for additional class rooms, indoor basket ball court, front office and administration, and kitchen. The monolith concrete construction is designed to offer maximum safety in the case of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and non-flammable and non-toxic finishing materials have been used for separation panels and insulation. 

To avoid interference with ongoing classes in the first building, the concrete structure of the second building was already completed during the past school summer break. Remaining finishing works such as doors, floor tiles and roof, are mostly done after school hours and in weekends, and are expected to be completed before the start of the second term on 21 October 2019. 

In cases that remaining works in the second building can only be done during regular working hours, such as installing utilities, painting jobs and outdoor fences, precautions are in place to minimize noise and dust.  Furthermore, security staff and teachers have strict instructions to watch over the safety of the students at all times. Working locations have either been locked, or have been clearly marked by ‘no-access’ ribbons.

During the current dry season (musim kemaro) it has been extremely hot in Yogyakarta, and very dusty after almost 5 months without rain. Even though the designs of the new YIS buildings allow for natural air ventilation, every individual classroom can be closed and has its own air conditioning to keep the space dust-free and cool. Solar panels have been installed on the roof to run some of the air conditioners on ‘green’ energy.